From St. Helena And The Wine Country

I’ve been inspired by last minute client pleas: I need to escape to a wine country villa, beach house, or desert casita for the weekend. I love the challenge of discovering and sharing the VV best anywhere in the world. Petite and not so petite gems within a few hours drive.

FROM ST. HELENA – the rolling hillsides of the northern wine country are brimming with villas, palatial palaces, and charming country cottages. Activities for everyone, bocce ball with the family among the vineyards, exclusive wine tasting in naturally chilled caves, hot air balloon tour followed by champagne picnic breakfast. St. Helena area exclusive options include, but are not limited to: experience the crush first hand, harvest and process grapes; Tracy Wood Anderson, CIA trained chef, will teach you to make sweet confections in her chocolate salon – or just tour the intimate kitchen and nibble the handmade delicacies. Visit the local coffee roasting café and create your own personalized blend of coffee- a great gift. Many of the villas will easily accommodate a group of 10 -12, gourmet kitchens are the norm. Bring in a chef to create a sumptuous feast or shop the local markets with a chef and design your own delectable dinners with your family and friends.

FROM STINSON BEACH – best enjoyed after the summer crowds; many of the exclusive private
homes are available for weekend rental; fall, winter and spring are exceptional seasons for the beach. Pack a picnic or order a bountiful basket of gourmet goodies dropped off on your front step, explore the coast, or just curl up in front of an afternoon fire after relishing a fabulous deep tissue massage by one of my favorite massage therapists. Luxury abounds, no matter where you prefer to land.

Winter and spring are perfect seasons for the beach and the wine country, linger over long lunches, savor delicious wines, and make time for a nap in front of a roaring fire. I have contacts for masseuse, private chefs, and if you must, personal trainers who are available on call wherever you visit.