Sweets For The Sweet- Exclusive Paris Treats

A recent client request desiring a gourmet excursion of famous pastry shops and chocolate makers in Paris, yielded these yummy temples devoted to Pâtisseries.

Sweets are a Lifestyle in Paris!

 As is our custom, we sent client one of our favorite books on the proposed exclusive touring: Parisian Pâtisseries. See thank you note below and link for the book at end of blog.

“Thank you for the gorgeous book on patisseries! Oh my goodness, I can barely look at it — the photos are so yummy that I am mesmerized by them. It’s the best book I’ve ever seen on this topic. I am very glad (and slightly tormented) to own it.” She is as sweet and fun as the book!

Ladurée – One of my long time favorites, partly because these yummy little shops are scattered about Paris; feeling peckish, Laduree tea salons are the perfect place to recover from shopping fatigue! My favorite macaroons are Blackcurrant Violet and Madagascar Chocolate…try them and secret a few in your bag for your flight home.

La Patisserie Des Rêves – Who wouldn’t swoon at the assortment of pastries here? Delicate, classic gateaux de saison, berries, cream mmmm!
Michel Chaudin – Passionate about chocolate and quality, Michael can be found in the one shop in Ile-de-France filling a petite box, giving you detailed instructions on storing them; if any make it back to your suite! Delicate paves, relish the divine chocolate.

La Maison du Chocolat – A world of five signature chocolates and pastries. Small bites are required to taste all five confections otherwise death by chocolate will ensue. I’m particularly taken with Zagora; a teeny bite frees the hint of mint leaves, fragrantly released in the creamy ganache. Heaven on earth!

Pierre Hermé – Magic potions of chocolate a source of intense pleasure, who else will promise you intense pleasure while nibbling?

London Calling – Royal Wedding Invite?

Royal Wedding Invitations

have just been dropped into the post…

will you be on the list?

 If not, Dukes London Hotel is the most privileged location to the Royal Event.

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Buckingham Palace

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The Penthouse on the fifth floor with private balcony overlooking

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