Enticing Playa Vik Estancia – Spring Break

There are a few enchanting locations which just must be visited… a trek to Uruguay in March & April – is the perfect time to enjoy.

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ARRIVAL: Transfer to Estancia Vik José Ignacio.
MORNING: Take part in a bike tour of the Quartz Field. Keep an eye out for Estancia Vik’s Ñandú, an ostrich native to South America.
LUNCH: Indulge in a picnic lunch in the open Quartz Field while enjoying views of Laguna José Ignacio, Faro José Ignacio and the Atlantic Ocean.
AFTERNOON: Enjoy exploring the wild nature during a canoe ride along the Laguna José Ignacio, where fish and flamingos are often seen in their natural habitat.
SUNSET: Julian Trotte, pastry chef for Vik Retreats, will lead guests in a hands-on baking workshop.
DINNER: Dinner at Estancia Vik.
LATE NIGHT: Head to the South Garden for star gazing and a late-night swim in the pool.cavaBREAKFAST: Enjoy breakfast at your leisure.
MORNING: Visit the Village of Faro
 José Ignacio by foot or bike. Make a stop at the stunning light house, explore the coast during a half-hour walk around the peninsula or unwind enjoying a yoga class at the Yoga Shack. Organic cooking class and Spanish lesson at 
La Susana beach club & restaurant.
LUNCH: Lunch will be served at 
La Susana following the cooking class.
AFTERNOON: Take part in your choice of water sports, including water skiing, surfing, kite surfing or paddle boarding.
SUNSET: A natural juices workshop will be offered at Playa Vik, while enjoying one of the best sunsets on the planet. Relax and take in the spectacular sunset or join us for a sunset horseback ride at Estancia Vik.
DINNER: Dinner at a local José Ignacio restaurant.A CHAPEL AT NIGHTBREAKFAST: At your leisure.
MORNING: Polo lessons at Estancia Vik will be offered to players at every level, followed by a guided visit of the colonial village of Garzon.
LUNCH: Enjoy lunch at your leisure.
AFTERNOON: One of Vik Retreat’s featured artists will offer a workshop for both children and adults where you will learn about the properties’ extensive art collection and participate in a project of your own. The afternoon will also include paintballing and a VIK wine tasting at Estancia Vik.
DINNER: Experience a traditional Uruguayan Asado BBQ at Estancia Vik.

estanciaBREAKFAST: At your leisure.
MORNING: A community service opportunity will be offered, which will involve visiting one of the local organizations supporting Uruguay’s children in need.
LUNCH: Visit the Atchugarry Foundation and Pablo Atchugarry’s artist atelier. Guests will also be free to explore 
the towns of Manantiales and La Barra, followed by lunch at a local restaurant.
AFTERNOON: Horseback, mountain bike or drive along the farm roads of Estancia Vik to O33 to discover the olive oil production process and enjoy an olive oil tasting. Adults indulge in a one-hour massage treatment at Estancia Vik at your convenience.
EVENING: Prepare gnocchi and other Vik Retreats specialties alongside Head Chef Marcelo Betancourt.
DINNER: Enjoy the dinner you have prepared and practice Spanish with our staff.


QH GALPON TO POLO FIELDPhotos Courtesy of Estancia Vik

I Heart Red

Red, the color of fire and blood, is linked with connotations of courage, rage, willpower danger and radiance, love and passion.

Red is lust, passionate, bold, powerful, assertive, and intense and stimulating.

Red is highly visible and one of the reasons we see red fire trucks. It is also a warning or caution as seen in stoplights and red lights.

Red intones many meanings in different cultures; in China, red symbolizes good luck, prosperity and happiness.