Four Seasons Punta Mita *****

The Five Star Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita is my choice and the choice of many of my clients. I am devoted to this little oasis of calm relaxation on a sun-splashed stretch of Mexico’s Banderas Bay coastline. Sink your toes into the white-sand beach or frolic in the glittering aquamarine waters – both mere feet from the ground floor of your chic, Mexican-style beach home—your choice of ocean front casitas and villas—the rooms are spacious and all have views of the ocean.

Tropical Playground
Offering championship golf, diving, surfing, languid swimming pools, whale watching, flyboarding, fishing and the list goes on. The Lazy River is paradise for the kiddos.Dining
Under the renowned chef Philippe Piel, several restaurants offer grilled catch of the day, bountiful breakfasts, and Mexican classic cuisine. Of course, the refreshing perfectly prepared cocktails are served poolside, in the sand or in the many lounges. Cora Lounge offers panoramic views of the Pacific, and besides snacks and drinks, it is an inviting place to plop during whale watching season.

The Welcome You know I am passionate about The Welcome…On arrival, relax and enjoy the most delectable individual Margarita presented in your casita. And perfectly prepared cocktails are served poolside, in the sand or in the many lounges offering panoramic views of the Pacific.

Apuane Spa
Pièce de résistance. Step into a coastal haven of rest and tranquility. Apuane, Spanish for “healing waters,” is ultimate serenity in scenic Mexico. Spa therapists have created a special treatment that will enhance your feeling of well-being like no other massage you’ve ever experienced using tequila, indigenous sage oil and traditional Mexican healing techniques. My personal favorite: Healing Waters Body Ritual (Vichy Shower treatment) This healing ritual is a celebration honoring the Huichol “Rain Goddess” Nacawé and the healing powers of water. Renew and revitalize body and mind with a natural botanical scrub designed to revive the skin is combined with deep exfoliating massage movements to activate circulation and release tension. Native herbal ingredients and a selection of body moisturizers such as lavender, almond, or lemongrass create a treatment that is an experience and delight for all the senses.

The most devoted professional staff I’ve ever encountered. Fortunate guests will enjoy a round of golf with the very congenial GM amidst tropical jungle gardens overflowing with fragrant flowers, spectacular songbirds, colorful tree climbing iguanas, and a stunning ocean view. John is a beyond charming Irishman and if you are VV lucky he will gift you a book of his poems.

Our Clients are Considered Royalty Here

Condé Nast Traveler’s 2015
Readers’ Choice Awards

We are proud to share with you that Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita
has been awarded top honors by the 2016 Forbes Travel Guide – bestowing Five Stars, its highest designation.

No. 1 “Top 20 Resorts in Mexico (Pacific Coast)” and
No. 26 “Top 100 Hotels & Resorts in the World,”
This recognition is a true testament to our dedicated staff, who take great pride in maintaining the highest level of service and amenities that our loyal guests have come to expect as they return year after year.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

My recent stay at the landmark Beverly Hills Hotel located on Sunset Boulevard provides an exclusive glimpse behind the doors of the famed bungalows. Generally, these luxurious suites are sold out and toting a camera around the grounds is tantamount to committing a petty crime. Guards patrol, although they may appear as guests. I feel like a spy here, although without my hotel colleagues leading and lurking with me, I am honestly oblivious to the stars and deal makers tucked away in the posh bungalows or nibbling at the Polo Lounge, seated discretely in the secret alcoves – as some always sit at their table. I’ve always waited to see the Pink Phone delivered to a table.

The bungalows, concealed in the dense garden utopia, have several impenetrable layers of gated terraces before you reach an entrance. Strolling amid the sumptuous gardens, truly a botanical paradise, a massive door cracks open and a handsome, exotic gentleman with a deep olive-complexion peers out and quickly slams the door, barely a peek at the young woman in the shadows. The kitchen terrace door is ajar; several chefs are feverishly sautéing, tangy aromas waft over the bougainvillea clad walls. A mere glimpse of a clandestine afternoon, use your imagination.

I took a peek at Bungalow Five where Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed six of her eight honeymoons! Sumptuous and elegant with a large living room with fireplace and a beautiful private pool and terrace – a mini home away from home with full staff at beck and call. Academy award worthy soaking tub, schedule at least an afternoon immersed in bubbles.

Years of narrative legends are stored in the vaults, most will tell you a side street is the main entrance – no bungalow visitor of importance ever strolls the iconic red carpet hotel entrance.

At the Polo Lounge, one can be certain of apprehensive glances if you photograph lunch – diners appear discernibly skittish. Respectful of their anxiety, I usually avoid using my camera during lunch. VIP’s are accommodated at private tables secreted in the deep nooks of the garden grotto, casually dining in the ubiquitous Beverly Hills sunshine. Had I not asked, who is here? I wouldn’t have recognized one of the TV BH Housewives or the heavyset, pockmarked gentleman wearing the look at me orange straw chapeau – apparently, he is a regular thug character in filmdom. Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Friday was marked by a silver framed photograph of her and a bouquet of white roses displayed on her table, the Reserved sign prevented diners from occupying her prime real estate booth.

Despite the hullabaloo over the recent refurbishing, the Polo Lounge, looks exactly the same as ever, the timeless piano player tinkles the ivories, the LWL are always at the center round table, bearing smartly wrapped gift bags, in a perpetual celebration of life. The lobby bar hosts small tables with phones, it’s timeless, as are many of the diners.

I love the slice of life, the intrigue of the unknown, dining service is old-school classy, lunch and dinner menus are scrumptious. Highly recommend the filet and frites for a late night supper. Breakfast frittata is the dealmaker standard order. There is a certain casual elegance, a je ne sais quoi, never knowing whom you might see hiding behind the palm fronds. Excellent cuisine in a distinctive setting, get thee to the Polo Lounge. Nothing like it to the north. Say yes to the Chocolate Souffle!

The service is impeccable and if you need a change of pace, take the hotel car to the Dorchester sister property, the Hotel Bel-Air. Highly recommend and can’t wait to return!Did I mention the underwater music – synchronize your strokes.

And no, Warren was nowhere to be seen, next time!