London Summer Harry Potter Treasure Hunts

These days are perfect for any aspiring young witch or wizard who want to get to know Harry Potter’s favorite sites across London. Crafted by our own special Harry Potter Riddle Master, tailor made clues ( according to age and interest), will lead you around London, through the crooked streets and alleyways of Soho and Leicester square, the majestic pomp and ceremony of Westminster and Downing Street, down the underground and up atop a Knight Bus, to the magnificence of Kings’ Cross and Platform 9 3/4.

Along the way, you’ll meet many surprising characters. You’ll be joined by witches and magicians ( who will also teach you a magic trick or two); you’ll dress up in your own Griffindor uniform and you’ll have your palm read and make your own magic potion; you will meet the artists who designed all the graphics for the harry Potter films and have a private tour of their Potterish wares; you’ll look at first editions of Harry Potter books, perhaps you will even meet one of the Prime Minister’s policemen…and you will receive many prizes along the way!

 Many members of our team will join together to create an unforgettable day for you.

Involved will be: Your Harry Potter guide for the day, who as well as helping you with all the clues and telling Potter inspired facts, will also tell you tidbits about the story of London.

One of London’s best magicians who’ll give you a private personalized magic show over your lunch.

The Grand Riddle Master

Our very own Treasure Hunt artist

The Clue Layer and a Witch

Advance Reservations Essential for your Wizardly Day In London!