From Africa with Love – Client Compliments

Many of our clients text and email us from their Journeys; today’s email delivered lovely kudos from a client family on a Summer Safari in Kenya…

Gwen: Wow! We had the absolute best time on our trip to Africa. We cannot thank you enough for the work you put in organizing and planning it. The trip was a life-changer!

William (our land team manager), is absolutely tremendous. He is the most gracious host, and incredibly knowledgeable. We were absolutely blown away by the quantity and variety of animals and our proximity to them. Just incredible. William is a delight to be around and his staff is phenomenal. Gary, who was with us after William bid us farewell in Sarara, is also incredible at what he does…a great guy, full of energy with a ton of knowledge and a great sense of humor. We all bonded very well with him.

Sarara was also a real treat. Sean and Tanyth who were filling in as lodge managers were a riot. Very fun people to be around. Spending time understanding the Samburu culture was educational and eye-opening and very interesting for all of us.

Borana was downright decadent….we can’t thank you enough for arranging for us to be all together in that one lodge house. Amazing place!

Everything was better than advertised and the whole trip was outstanding. Again, thanks for everything.

From an intrepid client who enjoyed hippos fighting right outside their luxury tent the very first night. Oh, the excitement in the bush!