Chablé Spa, Mérida

Set near ancient Mayan ruins, sacred sites and sleepy villages, Chablé Resort & Spa in the village town of Chocholá, welcomes spa aficionados to 40 deluxe villas with private pools in the heart of the Mayan forest.

The stunning spa is imagined as a hedonistic and utterly private retreat, the hacienda’s centerpiece is its incredible spa built beside a “cenote” – natural cave formations, fed by natural underground springs and are believed to be sacred to the Mayans. The cenote, the energy center of the Spa, is considered a power source by the Mayans.

Spa philosophy is based on a duality of the eternal dance between two opposing forces, which strengthen each other. Shamanism combined with luxury, ancient healing techniques with modern science. The extensive spa menu provides a broad range of Journeys. Begin with a beautiful Mayan initiation ceremony, including a sage cleansing and Mayan blessings, meander to your teak cube perched above the cenote and begin the calming Journey. The menu is filled with pages of  unusual ‘experiences’ like the three temescal, the pre-Hispanic Mexican version of a sweat lodge combined with ceremonies performed by local shamans and Janzu water massage. Several stand alone buildings contain a saltwater-filled ‘floatarium’ and a hydrotherapy circuit which includes three plunge pools and a steam room cave covered with gold tiles. Yoga is offered daily on the banks of the cenote or beneath the canopy of a massive tree hung with flickering lanterns.

As the central concept of Mayan cosmology, the Tree of Life is a sacred symbol representing two remote worlds, Heaven and Earth, united by the Human Being. The Tree of Life honors the quintessential nature of duality in life and portrays the body as a bridge or transitional point between the tangible and intangible worlds. Through the spa treatments, guests are invited to find a balancing space within, a space where harmony, introspection and stability reside.

Even if you aren’t a ‘spa junkie’ the exotic blend of options and sense of calmness will lure you back each day to the Chablé Spa. This is a spot where you should indulge in the spa treatments, roam the magnificent grounds, unplug, and then…take time to visit the splendid Mayan ruins and historic colonial capital of Mérida. I spent a leisurely week and am ready to return to indulge and dig deeper into the mysteries of the Mayans.


  • Truly one of the best spa experiences I’ve enjoyed.

Herb Bouquets

Shamanism Meets Luxury in Mexico’s Yucatán – Chablé

Coming soon a personal visit… Just a whisper of meeting a shaman in Guatemala or a New Year’s ritual shamanic cleanse amid a wafting cloud of white smoke fanned with a branch of sage by a man wearing buckskin and feathers sets my heart afire! And if you must know, yes, I have enjoyed both experiences.

Si, I am a believer in spirits and holistic wellness and from what I’ve heard the newly opened Chablé outside of Merida fulfills in more ways than one. My intention is to absorb and indulge at this secluded sanctuary in the Yucatán.

The spa is a word-class facility with a uniquely holistic approach. It is built around a natural “Cenote”, which serves as an extension of the spa. Chablé offers 38 casitas and two expansive villas. Each casita is purposely situated within the lush gardens where nature can be enjoyed to its fullest.

Mayan cosmology views the entire cosmos as interconnected parts, which represent the process of Human development and evolution. Even today Mayan healers know the intricate influence of the cosmic bodies and movement of the stars on our every day lives. The Mayan calendars were designed with great accuracy to represent the entire cosmos as interconnected parts, which represented the process of Human development and evolution. They looked to the sky not for investigation, but for justifying the world around them. The mystery and amazement inspired by the heavens is alive at Chablé as ceremonial sites are distributed throughout the Spa where guests explore their own relationship to the cosmos through awareness and mindfulness. The Spa at Chablé celebrates the celestial choreography in its ritual sites such as the Temazcal and Opening Ceremonial site, allowing for a means to interpret life cycles, patterns and influences. Practicing Mayan traditions and healing connections, the Chablé Spa team guides the guest into a journey of uncomplicated but sacred teachings about the interconnections of life, the simplicity that lives in all things, and the pleasure of healthy living.

Headed to the Yucatán soon!

My favorite Italian phrase, perchè no? is easily translated to Spanish- ¿Por qué no?