Morrocan Adventure Remembered

Recent cocktail party where I bumped into a client who introduced me as their exclusive travel designer. Some have no understanding of a ‘travel designer’ or ‘travel consultant’. He explained and said please share the story of the family who camped in the luxury tent in the Moroccan desert.

A Journey that is well remembered by many. The father wanted to recreate a college memory of driving through Algiers – despite the heat, we designed a Journey in June. Beginning in Marrakesh, staying at the stunning three bedroom riad at La Mamounia with its own pool and gorgeous gardens. Enjoying the city of souks and snake charmers for a few days we then moved them to the desert. Whisking the family from Marrakesh by helicopter to the Sahara desert flying over the dramatic snow capped High Atlas Mountains- sweeping over vast valleys dotted with colorful Berber villages. Skimming low along the Draa valley to land at an ancient fortified village and nomadic museum. They enjoyed lunch with a local family. The teenage children shared life experiences and learned regional customs of the village children. A soccer ball always helps to break the ice!

Imagine a 4 wheel drive adventure through sandy trails, blooming acacia and tamarisk trees to the dunes, reaching the most elaborate and important kasbahs in the Dades Valley. You have seen these vistas used by movie makers for years including Lawrence of Arabia and Jesus of Nazareth – one of the most dramatic sights in this barren region.

Meet your camels at end of day for a ride to the highest dunes climbing to the peaks for a spectacular sunset over the Sahara Desert. A leisurely ride back to their private luxury desert tent erected in the middle of the desert. Imagine the quiet and the vastness of looking as far as you can see – the wide horizon seems to never end. In the evening, local nomadic Tuareg joined the family for dinner and taught everyone traditional drumming.

Sitting beneath an endless blanket of twinkling stars, an astronomer pointed out distant galaxies and identifies the stars, originally named by ancient Arabs who navigated these sands. Camped in the historic and legendary Caravan Route from Marrakesh to Timbuktu, dreams of exotic adventures are guaranteed. Sunrise- a dawn camel trek, of course!

Private plane to Fes for additional sightseeing in the fabled city, the kids were happy to reach a swimming pool again in the early summer heat. But this adventure still draws interest and is well remembered by family friends as well.