The VV Best – Glamour Trains

Love lists- must do, must have, must see, must experience…I’ve experienced many train adventures in France and Italy, Switzerland, once in California- which doesn’t really count, does it? Pleasurable memories of stopping in small stations and leaning out the window to purchase a baguette of jambon and fromage, to nibble with a split of champagne; waking up to the sound of an interminable train whistle in the longest tunnel through the Alps, honestly, I thought we would be within the mountain forever!
On the MUST DO list are two trains, each with it’s own distinctive personality: Orient Express and The Blue Train.
Venice Simplon Orient Express, pure sophistication and comfort. Carried across Europe in the style of a bygone era, one I would like to experience. The Orient Express dates back to the 1800’s, today one run a week in September makes it’s way to Istanbul to Venice; another once a  year journey departs Paris to Istanbul, the remainder of the year is spent in grand tours from several charming capital cities.  Plush and formal with white linens, glittering china and silver, languid and luxurious. I hope the passengers leave the hand held devices home- no texting or emailing allowed! Orient Express also has a sister train in Asia and the Royal Scotsman.
The Blue Train, my next escape to the bush will include the 24 hour jaunt from Pretoria to Cape Town. A smooth speed of 68 miles per hour assures plenty of time to soak up the spectacular scenery. Luxury suites with a full size bath tub, can you imagine soaking while gliding across the rails? Champagne is served on boarding, what could be better, baths and bubbles in the bush, however, safe from the prowling night lions!
Leisurely and Luxurious travel options – trains, yacht charters, I’m organizing a  two week client tour through France-with car and driver for an unhurried fall tour of vineyards.