The Ritz Paris

FROM PARIS: Cool and crisp winter days in Paris, who can complain about a working visit to the City of Light? A few years since my last stay, the cobblestone streets are familiar, the gorgeous architecture and skyline never change; unlike New York or San Francisco, and now even London, where glassy green high rise buildings compete with each other for a sliver of space. Baron Haussmann, the supreme civic planner under Napoleon, ravaged and rebuilt Paris for years perfecting the wide avenues, planting thousands of trees, creating an unrivaled beautiful city. The exchange rate has bounced dramatically, but for all the glamour, elegance, divine restaurants, marvelous museums, what other city compares with Paris?

Ultimately, what matters the most, is what you do once you reach your destination.

And with the recent refurbishing and reopening of Ritz Paris, I was thrilled to visit and enjoy the posh elegant Ritz once again. From the exterior, it is exactly the same, wonderful for those of us who like tradition and continuity. Hard to notice, but the entrance has been widened and is spanned with upper windows which floods airy light into the mezzanine and its now 18-foot high ceilings.

Although modern touches have been added, the historic classically elegant interiors pop with fresh pale spring accents with the original cream dominated color scheme. A good amount of the original classical Empire furniture and furnishings were refurbished, the massive crystal chandeliers sparkle, new mirror television technology has been added, touch pad to manage ac, lights, drapes, all at the stroke of a finger.

Coco Chanel Suite Ritz Paris

Coco Chanel Suite Ritz Paris

Of course, I was dying to see the newly redone suites including the Coco Chanel Suite. Original Imperial Suite and the Prestige Suites have been dedicated to former residents, including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Maria Callas. I wasn’t disappointed with the Chanel suite; it is decorated in pale taupe with black accents, an elegant simplicity, just as we remember Ms. Chanel, who resided here from 1937-71. Imagine, the stories these walls could share. A guest book would list Marcel Proust, the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, Ernest Hemingway, who claimed he liberated the hotel after the Second World War. Using the bar as a base, he did write here and make it a home, the bar was named after him in 1994; the famous Ritz barman, Colin Field, who is almost as well known as Hemingway, took it on to procure Hemingway’s original letters on Ritz letterhead to his then wife.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote in a letter to his friend, “When I dream of afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place in the Paris Ritz.” We could all share the same sentiment.

Reducing the number of rooms allowed for larger bathrooms, keeping the gilded swan taps and the maid and valet call pulls near the tub. The Ritz claims they invented the massive gilt switch that turns off all suite lights, and that remains as a nod to the past.

The infamous gilded swan handles Ritz Paris

Tub Assistance- just in case you need your Maid or Valet! Ritz Paris

A few new additions, Salon Proust a beautiful room intended for afternoon tea or a guest library. Of course madelines de Proust are served as well as billberry tarts and other savories. The once lovely garden café has been topped with an arched glass roof, providing a comfy light filled place for afternoon tea and lunch. The garden has been expanded just off the café and it resembles a small Ritz park, more than two dozen linden trees, personally these trees remind me most of Parisian streets. In summer the garden flourishes with beds of blooming white roses and walls of climbing ivy.

Salon Proust Ritz Paris

Chanel Spa Ritz Paris

Chanel Spa Ritz Paris

Also new is the stunning Chanel Spa – Oh my, it is the perfect embodiment of Chanel. Classic, clean lines punctuated by dramatic pops of black glass.

The Piscine retained the beautiful turquoise mosaic in a newly designed stunning Art Deco style, it is breathtaking and a oasis of calm.

Piscine Ritz Paris

My Sweet Suite Ritz Paris

Ritz Paris

The Ritz was always known for mastering the fine art of luxury and the Grande Dame debut is very reassuring – everything has changed, but nothing has changed!



Le Meurice Paris – Soon!

My multiple posts on one of my very favorite Dorchester properties, Le Meurice can be found amidst my Paris posts. Extremely chic, fabulous service, marvelous people watching,Michelin star dining…and as usual, my sumptuous suite will be ready on my arrival…deluxe-junior-suite-528-at-le-meurice-paris

From their website – as I couldn’t say it any better: Combining exceptional 18th century opulence with contemporary chic, Le Meurice embodies the perfect French palace hotel. Located between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre, Le Meurice is ideally located for a range of activities, whether you’re after fine dining and shopping or simply want to explore the city of romance and culture.

Le Meurice has been open since 1815, so it has many stories hidden within its walls and has seen countless celebrities and notable figures come and go.

Salvador Dalí regularly graced the hotel with his presence, something that is honoured through one of the top restaurants in the hotel, the delightful Restaurant Le Dalí. The hotel still enjoys a close relationship with many artists to this day – fitting for a hotel in a city long associated with fine art and literature.

Decorated in the extravagant Louis XVI style and featuring stunning interior styling in the public spaces and restaurants from the renowned Philippe Starck thanks to a refurbishment in 2016, each of the hotel’s seven floors has its own distinct theme. Exquisite Italian marble bathrooms, period furniture, and beds adorned with the finest linens are amongst the many finer details that make Le Meurice one of the best hotels in Paris. From intimate suites to grand apartments, the hotel has a range of rooms to suil all tastes and desires.

The hotel’s fine dining experiences are all overseen by Alain Ducasse, the highly acclaimed chef. Two Michelin-Star Restaurant, le Meurice Alain Ducasse, is heralded as one of the world’s most beautiful dining rooms, offering its esteemed guests only the best in French fine-dining.

Alternatively, dine at the elegant Restaurant Le Dalí, under the magnificent ceiling mural painted by Ara Starck, and enjoy mediterrannean flavors. The restaurant treats its guests to an exquisite dining

Visit Bar 228 for delicious drinks and nightly live jazz in the historic paneled bar. Indulge in a range of lavish cocktails in the bar’s intimate setting, expertly crafted by an accomplished bar tending team and lead by the celebrated bar director, William Oliveri.

Guests seeking a touch of indulgence can be pampered to their heart’s content in the tranquillity of the beautiful Spa Valmont pour Le Meurice. Swiss skin experts, Valmont, offer an extensive selection of specialised treatments in the spa’s comfortable and modern setting. With customized facials, invigorating and revitalizing body massages and a range of heavenly beauty treatments, visiting the spa is the perfect way for guests to relax.