And She Soared Like A Bird – 1

Six Senses Zighy Bay – Oman

I’ve always wanted to fly and  I’ve always thought of myself as fearless…The winds were up on my arrival which prevented the ultra exotic Zighy Bay para-glide beach arrival from the top of Zighy Mountain. Jad Frem, Sales and Marketing Director instead surprised me with a breakfast hang gliding experience.I found it sort of terrifying – sadly, I can no longer say I am fearless…the hang glider experience lodged my heart in my throat for 20 solid minutes! In planes, the puffy clouds entice me, I imagine strolling through fluffy meringue size white clouds. We did glide through a cloud and it was a very pleasant experience, warm and moist, a momentary distraction from my terror!

Zighy Bay Arrival – one of several exotic options! The most exhilarating arrival is as a companion passenger with their resident paragliding professional. Launch from Zighy Mountain thrill to this breathtaking experience as you circle and glide to the bay below!

Their resident professional para-glider will take you around the edge of the mountain range in Zighy Bay where you can explore the Bay from 1000 feet upwards, and enjoy the breathtaking views before making a soft landing on the sandy beach.The aerial view of the local village and the gorgeous Zighy Bay. Highly recommend a visit and soar if you are inclined!